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 Much bugs since new patch :S

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Much bugs since new patch :S Empty
PostSubject: Much bugs since new patch :S   Much bugs since new patch :S Icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 2:13 pm

hi ,

since the new patch , there are much bugs...

1. royalknight loose some skills ( multi schlag , royalmana )
2. the skill that i got instead of multischlag and royalmana ( calls vortex ) doesnt work because "i need the right weapon " ( but i wear dobule sword when i wan to usw this skill...Oo)
3. royalknight has the vortex skill 3 times , 2 vortex skill is lvl 4 and the last vortex skill is lvl 1
4. i can use the lvl 1 vortex skill , but if i use it , it make 0 damage , it makes nothing
5. skill "dark chaos blessing "works , but i doesnt increase my hp mp or movement speed
6. there are some skills that i can just learn with lvl 203+ , but i can just reach lvl 200
7. extreme tarian doesnt work anymore^^
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Much bugs since new patch :S
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