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 GS/GM application by hasteone!

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GS/GM application by hasteone! Empty
PostSubject: GS/GM application by hasteone!   GS/GM application by hasteone! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2012 11:10 am

I'd like to become a staff member, I don't care about what rank, I just want to help people by being in the staff team and also I like doing any kind of administrative work, but as I said, I don't care of what rank I would be.
If this application is sent to the wrong person, please let me know and tell me who I should send this to,

Hello, I'm 16 years old and live in sweden, I'd like to become a part of the staff team.
I am good at English.
My main language is Swedish, but I can understand Norway language and Denmark language, they're almost the same, and they would probably understand me, atleast a few words.

I've been Admin and GM many times in different games, I love to help people and give punishment to rulebreakers by being in the staff team.
I am nice and active.
What I can offer you Global LC, is good activity, helping people who need help, I played alot of LC I know very much about this game, played LC for many years now, I also played real LC, not only private servers, so I know alot.
I can also take care of those rulebreakers, for example those who hack. I also know how to not abuse admin/GM powers.
In my opinion, being a staff member is very fun, and I'd like to become one because, as I said, I like to help people and do administrative work.
Well, I think this should be enough for now, now you know a few things about me, and that I want to join the staff team.
And yea I'm active, I can play minimum 6 hours a day, that's the minimum, regularly I play alot more, sometimes the whole day, having me as a staff member would be really great, because I help people very much, and I love doing it.
As I said, I don't care about ranks, set me the lowest rank, I just want to be in the staff team to help people, thank you!

-All the time when I was online on this server, there was no GM, GS or Admin online, but alot of new players who came online, who asked for a GM or GS, they sure have many questions.
-I am very active, you'll need me on the team!
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GS/GM application by hasteone!
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